The Leran to Ski Night

Learn To Ski Night
Friday - Feb. 24th
For Grades 4-12

Registration Deadline- Monday, 2/20/17

Ski or Snowboard - A Night of Fun

     The Friday Night Ski Club works with ten schools to provide a supervised ski or snowboard experience for students in grades 4 through 12.

     In order for students and parents a better understanding of how our club works we are offering  students in grade 4-12 a “LEARN TO SKI OR SNOWBOARD NIGHT,” on Friday, February 24th. Parents can drive their children to Boston Mills or their children can ride on a charter bus with our club. Parents are also welcome to ride the bus for the same $15 price, if the wish to tag along to observe how the club process works.

     Unfortunately, the “Learn to Ski” value package  which is described below is just for students in grades 4-12.

How It All Works

The Boston Mills Ski Resort is able to offer
a special one night package that includes:

   A Lift Ticket for the lifts or tows ($43 value)
   Equipment Rental for Skies or Snowboard ($30 value)
   A Learn to Ski or Snowboard Lesson ($25 Value)
   A snack of a hotdog, chips and a fountain drink ($7 value)
The total value for this package is about $105.00

**The Friday Night Ski Club will also provide
OPTIONAL bus transportation for just $15 **

All Of The Details

Why Do It

     Boston Mills is offering this value package to students in grades 4-12 as a way to help them and their parents learn how much fun can be had as part of our club. 
      On their first club night new club members are often intimidated by the older club members and they are shy about asking for help with their equipment or they are not sure about what they need to do.  To make their first experience on the slopes more positive and less stressful, our club advisors and additional staff members from Boston Mills will be on hand to assist with  an orientation, equipment rentals and other typical problems that may be encountered the first time on the slopes.

How Buses Work

     Part of the fun is riding the bus with your friends from school and meeting others from other school who are your same age.   Students from the same grades are grouped together on the bus.
The restroom equipped charter buses
are optional
and will leave from and from Magnificat High School at 4:00 PM, and  from in front of the Elyria Catholic practice field parking lot at 4:30 PM.  Everyone will be on the slopes from 5:30 to 9:30 PM and return to Mags at 10:20 PM and E.C. at 10:50 PM. 
     Our advisors include teachers, other school personnel, an R.N. and a few parents who have learned how to supervise effectively.  On the slopes there is additional supervision from the Ski Patrol.  The parking lot will also be supervised by our advisers, until all of the students are safely picked up by their parents.

Lessons and What to Wear

     After their lesson the students will be given a color-coded sticker that matches the hills they may use.

They should wear a hat, gloves, warm coat and waterproof pants, if possible. The mandatory helmet rule for our club members will be waived; however, helmets can be rented at the ticket window at Boston Mills for and additional $10, for those who would like this added measure of safety.

What Will Happen
When You Get To Boston Mills

      Upon arrival at Boston Mills, those going by car should present the Paper Boston Mills Rental Form to a club advisor who will be sitting at our Club Help Table.  It will be located by the large fire place in the lodge. There will be a white board sign on the Help Table that says "The Friday Night Ski Club." Those arriving by bus will be taken directly the Club Help Table.

     When you show your form to the advisor, you will be given your lift ticket, and taken to the rental equipment pick up and drop off area.

How Rentals Work

     After you arrive in the rental area, you will give your form to the equipment employee, who will keep your form and record the rental equipment ID numbers on your form. You will then receive your equipment. At the end of the night you will take your equipment to the rental return area and return the equipment.  It is a good idea to memorize the numbers on your equipment so it doesn't get mixed up with similar equipment rented by others. 

    Our advisors will then take the students with their rental equipment to the outdoor storage area, where equiment is left while dressing or while inside taking a break. (Now is a good time to rememorize your equipment numbers so you get the same equipment later.)

   After leaving their equipment out side, students will go back inside to dress.  Lockers are available for just $1 for the storage of their shoes and other items they do not want on the hills. After helping the students get into their boots and dress for the weather, they will be taken back out side and shown how to get into their skis or snowboards. From there they will be taken to their lesson.

How Lessons work

       Everyone must take a lesson to improve their  skills and earn a color coded sticker attesting to their proficiency level (Light Green for a Beginner; Dark Green for the Advanced beginner; Blue for Intermediate; Black for the Advanced). Below is a chart that shows the skill levels for each sticker. Each sticker corresponds with the relative difficulty of each slope at Boston Mills, which is similarly color coded.  All skiers must have a lesson sticker displayed on their lift ticket and will not be permitted to ski on slopes with a difficulty rating higher than their proficiency level, unless they are in a lesson group accompanied by an instructor.  In this manner skiers and riders are matched to the slopes which they are able to navigate with safety. 

STEP # 1 - Register & Pay

How The Night Ends

      After their lesson, everyone is are free to take a break and enjoy their snack.  Students will be given a "Food Card" which they can use to purchase their hotdog, bag of chips and fountain drink.  

      Clocks are posted at the bottom of the hills.  Everyone should keep track of the time and come off the hills a few minutes before 9:30 PM.  After returning their rental equipment and getting their shoes back on,  they should head for the bus.  It will load in the same location where the students were dropped off.  Students should not be late because in order to stay on schedule the bus will pull out promptly at 9:45.  The students will have to call home in order to be picked up if they miss the bus. 

Bus Schedule

Buses start loading about 10 minutes before departure .

Depart Magnificat ............... 4:00 PM
Depart Elyria Catholic......... 4:30 PM
Arrive at Boston Mills.......... 5:25 PM

Depart Boston Mills.............. 9:45 PM
Arrive at Magnificat H.S..... 10:25 PM
Arrive at Elyria Catholic..... 10:50 PM

Bus riders can get on or off the bus at any stop

How To Register and Pay - It's a Two Step Process

    For those with no further questions, the easiest way to get things going is to complete the two part registration process.

     First, fill out the CLUB ON-LINE REGISTRATION FORM and PAY BY CREDIT CARD by clicking on the RED box below.
     Parents must complete this part of the process because payment must be made by a credit card. If you are not an adult or can't pay with a credit card, STOP NOW and call our club director, Frank Humphrey, at 440-452-2068  

STEP # 2
Complete Boston Mills
Rental Agreement Form

     The second step is to complete the Boston Mills rental form that can be found on the back side of the printed flyer that was sent out.  If you don't have a flyer or need an extea form,  click on the GREEN box below to download a PDF form and print as many forms as you need.  This form should be brought by the students to Boston Mills on February 24th.


1.)  Ride the bus (if you are riding the bus)
2.)  Get your Lift Ticket from the Club Help Table upon your arrival
3.)  Get your Rental Equipment 
click on the GREEN box below.

  If you have any questions or need help
with the registration process 
call Frank Humphrey at 440-452-2068
or e-mail him at [email protected]